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    3 top tips to ensure that you have the best Christmas… EVER!

    It’s such a shame that Christmas time is often wrapped up in negativity – we think, maybe, just maybe, some people forget that this is supposed to be a JOYOUS occasion! Yes, it’s easy to feel rather overwhelmed by the weight of responsibilities that hang on Christmas like a big sparkling bauble, but we’re here to tell you:

    Take a deep breath, calm down, and treat the festivities as the exciting time it’s supposed to be.

    Here are our 3 top tips to ensure that you have the best Christmas… EVER!

    Remember, money doesn’t equal love

    There’s this saddening idea that Christmas has to be expensive in order to be successful, and this is where we find people struggling the most. In this day and age, just living can be very costly, and a frightening number of people find themselves fretting over the price of gifts on top of this.

    Your love for somebody is in no way represented by overpriced trainers, handbags, and extravagant toys. You – yes, you – just being present is better than any present under the tree. Sure, gifts are a big part of Christmas, but think outside of the box! Why not buy your brother a keychain in the shape of his favourite song’s sound-wave? Maybe a lighter engraved with a memorable message for your dad? A personalised phone case for your sister?

    Put the heart back into Christmas time and don’t spend an absolute fortune doing it.

    Plan in advance

    You may think that this advice is more apparent than mistletoe – but how come the high street and supermarkets are always at full capacity on Christmas Eve?

    There’s no need for you to be that person, and all it takes is a little organisation and some planning. Write a list of everything that you need and make a start as soon as possible – and remember to keep the cost to a minimum! Christmas Day is only 1 out of 365 and, although agreed, it is a special occasion, it doesn’t mean spending a fortune to accommodate it.

    Hit the Poundshop for your gift boxes, scope out the supermarket deals for your food and drink, and get crafty with ideas for the evening entertainment.

    Keep the stress to a minimum

    The most important thing to remember is – the day doesn’t have to be perfect and, let’s be honest, it probably won’t be. So don’t put pressure on yourself to have the experience that you see in films and on Instagram… It’s just not real. Instead, experience the day that best represents your family – let go and ride whatever sleigh comes your way.

    If you have little ones, when they go back to school and they’re asked: “What was your favourite part about Christmas Day?”, let their eyes light up as they announce that it was dad’s questionable rendition of ‘Let it Go’ on the karaoke. Or maybe mum’s impression of Alan Sugar, or their sister’s awful attempt at miming a spider during Charades – not some toy they’ll forget about in 6 weeks or a piece of fabric that’ll soon be out of fashion.

    Let them say that it was spending time with you, entirely altogether with no distractions like pondering over whether the dinner was good enough and the gifts a success. From all of us here at Chester-le-Street Cricket Club, we hope you have a great December and invite you to come in and join us for a well-deserved drink, whenever you like.

    And finally, don’t forget to cut yourself some slack – it’s your day just as much as anybody else’s.

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